CCP6 Publications

CCP6 publishes a series of booklets prepared following our Workshops and Specialist Conferences. Each of these contains articles reviewing research in a topical area associated with the Workshop theme.

If you would like your research group to receive future booklets by mail, please send an email with the subject field "CCP6: booklet subscription request" and ask for inclusion of your research group in the CCP6 mailing list. In your email, please include the name and full address of the leader of your research group. Please also note that we are unable to include individuals in the mailing list.

Printed or electronic copies of CCP6 booklets

Electronic copies of recent CCP6 booklets can be downloaded by following the links below.

Printed copies of CCP6 booklets may be obtained from Daresbury Laboratory. Requests should be sent to:

Dr. Igor Kozin
STFC Daresbury Laboratory
Daresbury, Warrington
Cheshire, UK

or email with the subject field "CCP6: booklet request".

CCP6 booklets:

"Fitting Molecular Potential Energy Surfaces" ed. M. M. Law, J. M. Hutson and A.Ernesti (CCP6, Daresbury Laboratory, 1993) ISBN 0-9522736-0-8

"Photodissociation Dynamics" ed. G. G. Balint-Kurti and M. M. Law (CCP6, Daresbury Laboratory, 1994) ISBN 0-9522736-1-6

"Intermolecular Dynamics in the Frequency and Time Domains" ed. M. S. Child and M. M. Law (CCP6, Daresbury Laboratory, 1995) ISBN 0-9522736-2-4

"Molecular Collisions in the Atmosphere" ed. A. Ernesti, J. M. Hutson and C. F. Roche (CCP6, Daresbury Laboratory, 1995) ISBN 0-9522736-3-2

"Fashioning a Model: Optimization methods in chemical physics" ed. A. Ernesti, J. M. Hutson and N. J. Wright (CCP6, Daresbury Laboratory, 1998) ISBN 0-9522736-4-0

"Molecular Quantum States at Dissociation" ed. R. Prosmiti, J. Tennyson and D. C. Clary (CCP6, Daresbury Laboratory, 1998) ISBN 0-9522736-5-9

"Rovibrational States of Polyatomic Molecules" ed. M. M. Law, I. A. Atkinson and J. M. Hutson (CCP6, Daresbury Laboratory, 1999) ISBN 0-9522736-6-7

"Time-Dependent Quantum Dynamics" ed. S. C. Althorpe, P. Soldan and G. G. Balint-Kurti (CCP6, Daresbury Laboratory, 2001) ISBN 0-9522736-7-5

"Wide-Amplitude Rovibrational Bound States in Polyatomic Molecules"; ed. I. N. Kozin, M. M. Law and J. N. L. Connor (CCP6, Daresbury Laboratory, 2002) ISBN 0-9522736-8-3

"Interactions of Cold Atoms and Molecules" ed. P. Soldan, M. T. Cvitas, J. M. Hutson and C. S. Adams (CCP6, Daresbury Laboratory, 2002) ISBN 0-9522736-9-1

"High Accuracy Potentials for Quantum Dynamics" ed. A. Miani, J. Tennyson and T. van Mourik (CCP6, Daresbury Laboratory, 2003) ISBN 0-9545289-0-5

"Quantum Dynamics at Conical Intersections" ed. S. C. Althorpe and G. A. Worth (CCP6, Daresbury Laboratory, 2004) ISBN 0-9545289-1-3

"Semiclassical and Other Methods for Understanding Molecular Collisions and Chemical Reactions" ed. S. Sen, D. Sokolovski and J. N. L. Connor (CCP6, Daresbury Laboratory, 2005) ISBN 0-9545289-3- X

"Vector Correlation and Alignment in Chemistry" ed. G. G. Balint-Kurti and M. P. de Miranda (CCP6, Daresbury Laboratory, 2006) ISBN 0-9545289-2-1

"Dynamics of Open Quantum Systems" ed. K. H. Hughes (CCP6, Daresbury Laboratory, 2006) ISBN 978-0-9545289-6-6

"Coherent Control of Molecules" ed. B. Lasorne and G. Worth (CCP6, Daresbury Laboratory, 2006) ISBN 0-9545289-5-6

"Molecular Potential Energy Surfaces in Many Dimensions" ed. M. M. Law and A. Ernesti (CCP6, Daresbury Laboratory, 2009) ISBN 978-0-9545289-7-3

"Multidimensional Quantum Mechanics with Trajectories" ed. D. V. Shalashilin and M. P. de Miranda (CCP6, Daresbury Laboratory, 2009) ISBN 978-0-9545289-8-0

"Quantum Trajectories" ed. Keith H. Hughes and Gérard Parlant (CCP6, Daresbury Laboratory, 2011) ISBN 978-0-9545289-9-7

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