Specialist Conferences and Workshops

CCP6 organises about two workshops/conferences a year. These are sometimes on specialist computational subjects such as Parallel Processing and sometimes on more general subjects of interest to the CCP6 community such as Chemical Dynamics in the Time Domain or Fitting Molecular Potential Energy Surfaces.

The conferences serve to transfer technical expertise between researchers using similar computational methods, and thus prevent people "reinventing the wheel", as well as allowing people to communicate their new scientific results.

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Previous CCP6 workshops and sponsored conferences

CCP6 Workshop on Quantum Trajectories
Bangor University, Wales, July 12-14, 2010.

Multidimensional Quantum Mechanics with Trajectories
University of Leeds, 1-3 September, 2008.

Molecular Potential Energy Surfaces in Many Dimensions
University of Aberdeen, 30 June - 3 July, 2008.

9th International Workshop on Quantum Reactive Scattering
University of Cambridge, 18-22 July, 2007.

Dynamics of Open Quantum Systems
Bangor, Wales, 22-25 August 2006.

The Coherent Control of Molecules
Birmingham, 3-5 July 2005.

Vector Correlation and Alignment in Chemistry
Bristol, 24-27 July 2005.

Semiclassical and Other Methods for Understanding Molecular Collisions and Chemical Reactions
Belfast, 2-5 April 2005.

Quantum Dynamics at Conical Intersections
Nunspeet, The Netherlands, 2-5 September 2004.

High Accuracy Potentials for Quantum Dynamics
(joint CCP6 / CCP1 meeting)
London, 31 March-2 April 2003.

Interactions of Cold Atoms and Molecules
Durham, 19-22 September 2002.

Wide-Amplitude Rovibrational Bound States in Polyatomic Molecules
Manchester, 15-18 December 2001.

Time-Dependent Quantum Dynamics
Bristol, 9-12 April 2001.

Rovibrational Bound States of Polyatomic Molecules
Aberdeen, 11-14 April 1999.

Fashioning a Model: Optimisation Methods in Chemical Physics
Durham, 24-27 March 1998.

Quantum States of Molecules at Dissociation
London, 28-30 June 1998.

Nonlinear Dynamics and Spectra of Molecules
(joint CCP6 / London Mathematical Society meeting)
Warwick, 18-21 March 1997.

From Experimental Spectra to Theory and Back Again
(joint CCP6 / High Resolution Spectroscopy Group meeting)
Exeter, 17-19 December 1997.

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